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We develop next-generation medical systems
Development and implementation of medical information systems and related MedTech products - CDSS and AI-based chatbots for complex automation of medical institutions
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40+ employees in the company
12 years of experience in MIS development and implementation
24 regions in the Russian Federation where the company's products have been implemented
Areas of activity
Management and technological consulting

Management consulting: audit of automation of existing business processes, description of processes as is, development of processes to be, development of a program of digitalization of a medical institution, reengineering of business processes. As a result of the audit, an audit report is provided with recommendations for adjusting business processes with RoadMap, details including the organization of the digital ecosystem of the organization. Processes are developed taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation, BSI 27000, JSI standard, ISO 9001, HIMSS standard.

Technological consulting: audit of technological solutions, selection of the optimal configuration in the conditions of software import substitution, development of the system architecture of the digital ecosystem of the enterprise, selection of elements included in the ecosystem. Development, organization and control over the implementation of informatization projects development strategy.

Development and implementation of IS in medical institutions

Development and implementation of IS in medical institutions The company has unique experience in implementing medical information systems (MIS) in medical institutions of any form of ownership, including clinics with a complex structure, branch networks, scientific institutions. The team consists of departments: business analytics, system analytics, development, implementation, technical support, user training. Experience and knowledge help our clients to choose the optimal model of implementation (transition) and minimize risks.

Work on implementation, refinement and redesign of functionality, integration with third-party software.

Technical support of medical IS

The team solves the tasks of supporting the performance of highly loaded medical information systems of the first and second line. We organize 24/7 support, communication via any convenient channels (telephone, messengers, remote connection, personal presence).

We can teach employees of any qualification to work with MIS and related systems. We create and adapt instructions (printed, electronic video), answer questions quickly and clearly, know the topic well.

Key clients and partners

MislabMedAI Automated recognition of medical texts

MislabMedAI is a software solution for automatic recognition of medical texts. The use of advanced AI technologies allows MislabMedAI to efficiently process medical records, converting them into a structured and easily accessible format. This significantly reduces the time required to analyze medical records and increases the accuracy and quality of documentation.


MislabSecondOpinion is an innovative platform designed to provide second opinions on medical issues. It connects patients and medical specialists with leading experts. The system allows uploading medical documents in Russian (images of any graphic format), automatically recognizing their content and forming structured summary epicrises. The system also provides the ability to translate documents into English, German or Hebrew for international communication and consultation.

Our solutions include capabilities for in-depth analysis of medical examinations and diagnostic images, which contributes to increased accuracy and objectivity in assessing the health status of patients. This simplifies and optimizes the work of physicians, providing more accurate and informed medical conclusions.

B2B Solutions for Healthcare Providers

We offer a wide range of medical data management tools and the ability to integrate these solutions into existing Medical Information Systems (MIS) via APIs. This functionality allows our solutions to be seamlessly embedded into the already established workflows of healthcare providers, ensuring efficient and consistent communication between different systems. This approach greatly simplifies the processes of storing, sending and analyzing medical information, making our platform even more convenient and practical for medical institutions and private physicians seeking to optimize medical information management.

We are constantly striving to innovate and improve our products and services. Our mission is to continue to develop and enhance our technology to support healthcare providers and professionals, contributing to the improvement of healthcare quality.

Mislab Checklist.

A system for automated data collection and development of a matrix of business processes of a medical institution.

Author's development, which allows to analyze information about the level of automation of business processes of medical institutions, the structure of the organization, the volume of documentation and its form. .

MIS "Element"
Development, implementation and technical support of the medical information system "Element". Development of integration buses for information exchange between MIS and LIS.
Development of integration solutions for information transfer from MIS to VIMIS and USHIS
Development of integration buses for information exchange between MIS and LIS.
Vitacor+ GIS
Development of a marketplace of solutions for creating a digital outline of medical institutions.

Gostech-compliant software integrating MIS, RIS, LIS, PACS, accounting software (1C-accounting), BI and other software within the contour of a medical organization or a network of medical organizations of any scale.

Marina Brodskaya
Product Owner, Business Analyst
Vladimir Solomenchuk
Senior DevOps Engineer, DBA skills in industrial systems
Alexander Fomenko
High-level business and systems analyst
Konstantin Kontorov
Back-end development leader
Danila Antyshev
Front-end development leader
Sergey Sytnik
Systems Architect, Senior Developer
Elena Lesh
Leader of UI/UX-direction
Marina Yastrebova
Auditor of ISO 9001 quality management systems
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Marina Brodskaya
Development Director, LLC "Mislab"

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